Eriks & Klaus Goodwin


Eriks and Klaus Goodwin have always had a passion for hospitality and personalized service--which led them both to become passionate "B&Bers."  This shared passion led to a multi-year search to buy their own bed and breakfast-- which eventually led to their purchase of the Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast on February 5th, 2016.  The Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast's preceding half dozen years of solid guest and hospitality service has served as a solid platform on which Eriks & Klaus continue to build.  They are always looking for--and implementing--more ways to continually increase the value delivered to their guests. 

Eriks has spent most of his life as an entrepreneur and has founded several successful companies over the years.  His "return to his Virginia roots" may be quite a change from his career in executive leadership, enterprise technology and management consulting, but it provides the kind of quality of life that Eriks wants.  Eriks favorite parts of being an owner-innkeeper is that it allows him to exercise his other innate talents in hospitality, planning, and DIY.  When you see Eriks around the B&B, he is often working on projects like building furniture, redesigning/upgrading guest facilities, or gardening.

Klaus comes from a quality management background and has a distinguished career in the pharmaceutical industry as a result.  His attention to detail and drive for continuous improvement benefits our guests every day.  Beyond his career, Klaus has a passion for fine cuisine and spa services.  When you see Klaus around the B&B, he might be experimenting with cuisine, indulging his love for gardening, or simply sitting outdoors enjoying hot coffee--and if he has a pondering look on his face, you can be sure that he is thinking about new recipes and new spa services for pampering our guests!

Eriks & Klaus love to travel and experience new cultures and new areas of the globe.  With their travels, they keep a journal of notes about what they liked best--and they bring those ideas back to Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast for the benefit of our guests.  Our B&B has its theme and its vision, but Eriks & Klaus love to enhance that theme and vision with the best of the best from their travels and studies so as to best serve our guests with the kind of understated elegance that will lead to relaxation and rejuvenation for our guests.