The unifying qualification of everyone serving guests at the Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast is the genuine passion for hospitality and excellence.  We work together as a team to assure that each and every guest's needs are attended to in a professional and hospitable manner, all while constantly engaging in an ongoing process of improvements in facilities, services, and ambiance.

Eriks & Klaus Goodwin

Eriks & Klaus Goodwin


Eriks and Klaus Goodwin have always had a passion for hospitality and personalized service--which led them both to become passionate "B&Bers."  This shared passion led to a multi-year search to buy their own bed and breakfast-- which eventually led to their purchase of the Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast on February 5th, 2016.  The Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast's preceding half dozen years of solid guest and hospitality service has served as a solid platform on which Eriks & Klaus continue to build.  They are always looking for--and implementing--more ways to continually increase the value delivered to their guests. 

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Kelly Vinson

Resident Innkeeper

Among Kelly's many career successes include her years working for Ritz-Carlton--so Kelly really, really understands the kind of "Four Star" guest service that the Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast seeks to deliver to each and every guest.  When you make your reservation, be sure to ask Kelly about her amazing secret-recipe Country Sausage Gravy & Biscuits!

Amy Kennedy - Master Esthetician
Amy Kennedy - Master Esthetician

Amy Kennedy

Master Esthetician

"After service in the US Navy and several years in the corporate airline industry, I choose to pursue my true passion in life. My passion is to help everyone heal their skin and look their best. Empowering my guests with better ways to care for their skin--and help them heal their skin using all-natural organic skin care. By educating and giving my utmost attention to every client, I help bring out their natural glow. This, in turn, helps to build confidence: when your skin looks and feels better, you are a happier person!  I joined Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast to achieve my vision: Healthy skin restoration by using nature to reveal your true beauty."

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